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Route 4 Krasochoria Lemesou (Wine Villages of Lemesos)



Spread out over wonderful sloping panoply on the southern slopes of the Troodos mountain range, majestically overlooking Route 4thousands of vineyards, the route of the wine Villages of Lemesos offers the traveler everything. Scenery, forests, vegetation, farm lands, orchards, olive and almond groves, pretty villages, local produce and, at a break in the journey, rest, relaxation, and delicious wines to tempt the palate. Along this Wine Route there are 20 villages. Large quantities of indigenous grapes are grown here.
This is a Route to savour, so pleasant that the words of the Greek poet Constantinos Kavafis’ come to mind: “You should want the road to be a long one”. Here both to travel the route and to arrive are pleasures. The places where one can stop and revel in the surroundings are many. Nature and man’s cultivation of it are all about. For the lover of history, there is plenty to engage the attention too. Village life has always included a welcome for the traveller -even in the poorest times a householder would give his bed and bread to the traveller. There is no need for such gestures today, but everywhere, in the coffee shops, the tavernas, restaurants, hostels and hotels, the Cyprus welcome is warm and friendly. Nowhere is there a warmer welcome than in our wineries. This route has no less than 11 wineries to visit.
Thrust up by a huge volcanic eruption 90 million years ago, the island of Cyprus is dominated by its Troodos range, with its highest point Mount Olympos (1952 m altitude). Below, sloping down to the southern coast, the terrain provides excellent conditions for the cultivation of the vine.

Red varieties: Mavro, Ofthalmo, Marathefthiko, Carignan Noire, Mataro, Oellade, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Alicante B., Grenache, Shiraz, Merlot, Lefkada
White varieties: Xynisteri, Palomino, Malvasia L., Malvasia G., Sauvignon Black, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, Semillon, Chardonnay, Malaga

Ayia-Mavri-winery  WINERIES
· “GAIA OINOTECHNIKI”- “Ambelida” white
· “AGIA MAVRI”- “Mosxatos”
· “VARDALIS KILANI WINERY”- try“Palouze” and “Soudjoukos” are Cyprus sweets made from grape juice, boiled in huge copper cauldrons and cleared with “white earth”. It is then cooled and thickened with flour and brought to the boil once more, sometimes with rose-water or orange water flavoring, to make a blancmange like dessert and a chewy whole almond filled sweet.
· “M. ANTONIADES” Winery - “Castellani”
· Chateau of “LAMBOURIS WINERY” – Try the Xynisteri, “Lambouri White”, and barrel-fermented Chardonnay.
· “ZENON” winery 
· “VASA WINERY”- Turning traditions into stylish modern wines using Xynisteri and Chardonnay, Mataro, Cabernet Sauvignon and Maratheftiko.
· “MALIA”(KEO) winery – “Riesling” , “Chardonnay”
· “NIKOLETTINO” winery –Xynisteri.
· “NICOLAIDES” winery - From the reds, taste the Maratheftiko, the white dry Chardonnay and the interesting Rose.
Place of Interest : The Wine Museum of Cyprus is a marvelous building constructed in traditional stone and tile, you can see vine and wine exhibits of historical and current interest, view an audio-visual presentation, taste and buy a range of Cyprus wines.

For more information and details for this Route, Wineries and Places of Interest please visit http://media.visitcyprus.com/media/eBrochures/High/wine_booklet_eng_lrg.pdf

Source: Cyprus Tourism Organisation

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