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Lemon trees Tour

lemon trees tour

vasa village entrance vasa idealbike lemontree tochni roses


This route is full of lemon and orange trees as well green fields and flowers!

The tour starts from Tochni and in a few kms we are in the center of Kalavasos. Passing through the stone paved narrow streets of the village we start climbing up to Asgata. There we can see the wagons of the old train which was used for carrying the metals from the old mine near Kalavasos. On the way to Vasa the road is usually carfree, so we can enjoy the beautiful nature with lemon trees and pine trees. Approaching Vasa, be sure to pass through the village, visit the old church or even enjoy the ambient of this quite and graphic place. From there we start ascending to Sanida (the steepest part of the route) and then descend to Kellaki, a big village with small coffee shop and mini market where we can have a break. There are two ways to Eptagonia, the more interesting one is the ones which leaves from Kellaki center to the north. After a short and steep descend you reach Eptagonia through fields of lemon and orange trees.

The way to Parekklisia / Limassol is for fast riding, mainly descending with a nice view to the Limassol sea. From Parekklisia to Tochni the road is quite flat with small hills passing next to Monasteries and the small villages of Moni and Pentakomo.  

Physical Fitness Distance 70km
Steepness of uphills Total Ascend +

Map of the Route

Tochni -Kalavasos-Asgata-Kellaki-eptagonia-pareklisia-Tochni


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