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A different Xmas 2016 Xperience. Ride the Troodos Enduro

A different Xmas 2016 Experience. Ride the Troodos Enduro 

Book the dates: 27th to 30th December 2016

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 low savvas enduro

Get a group of  friends and enjoy the most exciting MTB days in Troodos. 

Daily Itinerary and details for the rides

Day 1: Descending from Olympus (3 routes to Platres)

This selection of 3 different routes from the top of the highest Mountain in Cyprus, the Olympus peak at 1952m asl to Platres a nice mountainous resort, is made to offer an exciting kick of to our 5 day MTB experience in Troodos Mountain Range.
The day starts with a short climb through single trails and dirt-roads towards the top, the Olympus peak. The climb is approximately 3,5km long depending on the route we choose.
From the top, we ride on scenic and demanding single trails to 1000m asl, in a short time. The Pouziaris trails will unfold your technical skills on your MTB and prepare yourself for the more demanding single trails that follow.
After each descent we end up in Platres Square for a short break and a coffee or beer before we get on the shuttle bus to get again to the top for the second and third descends.
The second run goes through one of the most demanding and enjoyable single trails on the island. This is the Psilo dentro trail.
The third run is the fastest of the three as we ride on dirt roads to finish to a lower altitude, in Moniatis.
The routes

  • Troodos Olympus (through Artermis/ Atalanti) – Persefoni- Pouziaris - Platres 
  • Troodos to Olympus (on shuttle bus) – karekla – Psilo dentro- Platres
  • Troodos to Olympus (on shuttle bus) – Makria Kontarka - Platres

low backview enduro

Day 2: Descending from Olympus to kakopetria, (3 routes)

Kakopetria is a traditional village at an altitude of 700m asl, with narrow cobbled stoned narrow streets, stone-build houses and nice cafes and tavernas! With three descents from the top of Olympus peak to Kakopetria this day will be one to remember. The single trails from the top are just amazing. The day starts with a short climb through single trails and dirt roads towards the top, the Olympus peak. The climb is approximately 3,5km long depending on the route we choose. On the first descent we go down on one of the longest and most challenging single trails in Troodos, which requires good technical skills from the rider and a good Mountainbike! The things get a bit easier on the second run when we take a different single trail, very scenic, still technical but a bit shorter than the first one. Similar to day 1 we plan the third run is on a dirt road, with high speed sections, tight turns and great scenery. After each descent we end up in Old Kakopetria for a short break and a coffee or beer before we get on the shuttle bus to get again to the top for the second and third descents. The routes

  • Troodos Olympus (through Artermis/ Atalanti) – Mnimata -Kakopetria –
  • Troodos Olympus (on shuttle bus) – Platania - -Kakopetria
  • Troodos Olympus (on shuttle bus) – Dromos or Potamos - Kakopetria

low single rider next to a tree

Day 3 . The ride of the heroes!

On day 3 we start with a bus transfer towards Macheras forest approximately an 1h drive from Troodos. As soon as you enter the first trail though you will soon realize that it was worth the hour in the bus!

The first single trail we descend is known world wide as the “Paradise trail”. The name is given by the world class mountainbikers who attend the Cyprus Sunshine Cup MTB races every year to start their racing season!

Lythrodontas is the village that we will find at the end of the trails for a refreshment and the typical sweet crème called “mahallepi”

The Second ride is through one of similar beauty and excitement technical single trail- the new kakokefalos - with flow berms, small jumps and section where you can pick up some good speed. End of the trails place is the Mantra tou Kampiou picnic site from where we go on the shuttle bus to get to the same starting point for the – Old Kakokefalos trail – for another exciting descend. The two trails, Kakokefalos new and old have a common first 500m starting section and the same ending place.

The last single trail run will be reached by bikes (or by the shuttle bus) as it is not far and there is not much climbing to there. The trails are very flowy, easy but scenic with steep edges.

After an exhausting day the shuttle bus will be waiting for us with a cold beer or coffee and a ride back to the hotel. 

The routes

  • Kionia – Profitis Elias – Lythrodontas
  • Kionia – Kakokefalos New – Mantres
  • Kionia - Kakokefalos Old – Mantres ➢ Kionia – Krisfigeto Afxentiou – FIlani

low enduro rider frontal

Day 4 – The "Mountain to Sea" ride

The name of the day says it all. This will be possibly the longest of the five days on the bike. Starting our day with a short climb to the top, at 1952m asl we ride trhough single trails, dirt roads, valleys, ancient venetian bridges, traditional villages with scenic views to reach the coast in Pafos area.

Short stops for refreshment and snack are possible on several places along the route.

The route:

  • Troodos – Olympus – Platres – Foini – Venitian bridges- Nata – Mandria


We know how important is to keep enjoying the trip when finally you are at the end of a biking day. That is why we try keep a great atmosphere by selecting the accommodation along the route that will fulfill or even exeed your expectations. Accommodation is available at Troodos Hotel. If you need accommodation arrangements please send us an email and we can help you with your request. 

Bike Hire

High-end full suspension and hard-tail bikes are available to rent for the duration of the tour.



What is included?

  • All riding days are on guided tours by local professional guide
  • Snack during the rides
  • 3 Uplifts with minibus per day
  • Luggage transfer every day when needed

What is not included

  • Accommodation in in Troodos hotel on Half board basis (breakfast and dinner)
  • Bike hire
  • Any insurance
  • Lunches during the rides
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